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“Panchakarma” is a comprehensive Ayurvedic cleansing therapy that dates back thousands of years. It is the first medical cleansing known to man.

The Process

In Ayurveda, five purificatory therapies are the natural enhancement of body’s own capacity of evacuation of toxins.


VASTI Colon therapy
NASYAM Nasal therapy
RAKTA MOKSHA Blood letting

Before treatment, your body is prepared for cleansing with pre-purificatory therapy, herbs and diet.

“Clean body, pure mind and desire for health, will pave the path for health”

– Dr. Hafeel Ambalath

The Benefits

Panchakarma is the heart of Ayurvedic treatments and has numerous benefits:

Cleanses the smaller and bigger channels in the body, such as intestine

Removes toxins from deeper parts of the body

Improves absorption of nutrients and oxygen

Replenishes body tissues

Addresses the root causes of imbalances

Improves immunity

Rejuvenates, improves virility and endurance


The Process



Ayurvedic therapies are done in succession each spanning 60-90 minutes, at different intervals, usually 3, 7 or 14 sessions.


Additional Health Investigation

A thorough clinical evaluation will be held with the doctor before, during and at the end of the planned ayurvedic therapy.

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