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27 years of treatments in hospitals with no improvement! 3 years in HHMC; drastic improvement of health and life changing experience!



You helped me a lot Doctor..You are like one doctor in everything.

I don’t trust any doctor or anyone except Dr. Ludmila. My children are not getting sick because I did everything she said.. I’m thankful that I met Dr. Ludmila. The best doctor not only in UAE but in the whole world.


I was suffering from very bad stomach issues, extreme acidity and GERD symptoms. I was on antibiotics and several types other medications for nearly 3 months and there was no improvement. I had lost all hope, became extremely negative, and lost so much weight because I was too scared to eat anything. However, after my consultation with the holistic center everything started to change for the better. Dr. Mohammed Rifas, and Farah have helped me so much through my journey. I went through various treatments, aruyvedic medications (all natural), and guidance with the nutritionist. Its been over a month and my symptoms have been fading and continue to do so. I am now able to eat better, and my sleep and energy have improved a lot ! I no longer take any of my medication that previous doctors told me to take. I highly recommend anyone to go visit, even if you don’t have any health issues and just want a healthy lifestyle and cleanse. I would like to thank the holistic center, Dr. Mohammed Rifas, Farah, and the staff for helping me through this and being patient with me.


I’ve always had problematic skin, which was no doubt improved with my detox treatments at the centre. However, with my body’s release of toxins I felt that my skin was in major need of cleansing to give it a fresh start.

I’ve always thought that Facials naturally “break you out”, and I never enjoyed them. Little did I know that I was so wrong!
The approach at Holistic Healing Medical Centre was different to what I’ve previously experienced, where I first went through an in depth assessment of my skin and then had a treatment plan specially designed to my skin condition and type.
The treatments were natural, and I always felt refreshed and glowing even right after. I especially enjoyed the use of unique and natural products as well as the stone facial massage.
My skin has never looked clearer or younger. I am glad to feel like I’m glowing !


I came to Holistic over 4 years ago with issues with my cycle, where all gynaecologists that I saw were insisting I go on hormonal pills from the age of 17. With the help of Dr Ludmila, I finally got answers rather than being presented with confusing and unresolved questions.

On top of that, Ayurveda helped me majorly with my stress levels and regulating my period. Dr Rifas to this day helps me maintain all the positive results that I benefited from my treatment at Holistic Healing.

It was a long journey, that definitely required time and patience. However, not only is it worth it, it’s long-lasting because the issue was addressed at the core… and I have no complaints to this date!


I experienced an excellent services starting from the assessment to the treatment. I believe in the holistic because our body, mind and soul cannot be separated. At holistic healing they understand the whole related organs, Energy, function of the body accordingly they define the needed treatment with clear explanation of the pain, signs and symptoms. I tried many places before I come here and find my self after about two weeks back on the right track. Being energetic, calmer, healthier and my weight start dropping down. I am glad that we have such a holistic treatment and care in Dubai. I am so happy and appreciate the care I get from everyone starting with Dr. Ludmila her caring team, doctors, nurses, therapists, receptionists and all staff who served me directly or indirectly. I like even the location of the center, it’s accessibility and easy to reach. Thank you so much for Holistic Healing Medical Center and I wish you all the success


I came to the centre tired and depleted of energy, as well as having a number of significant health issues. With the outstanding care of Dr Ludmila and her skilled team, I was able to turn these issues around. I now feel years younger and have managed to take back control of my life. I will be eternally grateful to everyone at the Holistic Healing Centre for their dedication and commitment.


My 3-year-old is now more happy, content and more independent!
Small lifestyle changes and diet recommendation not only healed her constipation, rashes on her skin, It also transformed her restlessness and anger to happiness and health.
Here they listen to us and understand what our current lifestyle is and suggests small changes to it for a holistic lifestyle.
For years I have been trying to potty train my toddler, now my daughter is potty trained after adapting just few week of lifestyle changes and diet.


One thing led to another and now the whole family get treated at Holistic Healing Centre with Dr. Ludmilla and her amazing team. The things I’ve learned about our body and natural treatments are beyond valuable & truly empowering to better care for our health. The lifestyle consultation has also been interesting and had a great impact on our lives. I think everyone should come for a check up as symptoms you lived with many years can actually be treated from the root cause and you will have better quality of life.


Finding Holistic Healing Medical Centre has been the greatest blessing. Just when I began to lose hope with my health, Dr Ludmila and her incredible team helped restore it to make me the happiest and healthiest I have ever been.
I am beyond grateful!

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