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Mazen Halabi

After suffering for 3yrs with pain in my lower foot arc and visiting several doctors who all said I needed surgery even after seeing an MRI scan reading …luckily for me I did not do the surgery and lived in pain until I met Dr.Ludmilla who from the first session diagnosed the problem root cause […]

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A life changing journey is the only way I can describe my experience with Dr.Ludmila and the holistic healing centre. For years I’ve been to see doctors in Ireland and also in Dubai with no answers. I was told I had IBS, fibromyalgia and the list goes on. I was given bags of medication with […]

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Ammar Yasin
United Arab Emirates

Our journey with Dr. Ludmila started more than 3 years ago. First it was my wife, then our kids, then me, my brother, mother, niece, friends, work colleagues, and it hasn’t stopped ever since. It’s not really one particular thing that stands out once you become a patient. Quite the opposite, it’s the fact that […]

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Sanjeet Badhwar
United Arab Emirates

One year now my wife is under the care of Dr. Ludmila and I think that’s the best thing to have happened to her by far and for the first time seen her happy with herself and her general well being . Holistic is what the clinic prophesies and indeed what it practices. Never seen […]

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Dr.Ludmila saved the life of my 6yrs old daughter from getting an unnecessary operation that 5 other doctors concluded was a must and the outcome was to my daughter’s best interest that her ear drums are not punctured – Thank you to say the least and on another note I had been undergoing healing with […]

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7 years back my life changed from 24 hours stomach pain for couple of years to no pain. DR. Ludmila found the main problem and she not only healed the issue but healed the complete body to function complete back to normal. To heal you have to believe in the process to reach. The result […]

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United Arab Emirates

Dr. Ludmila has changed my life forever. And after seeing endless doctors around the world, she was the only one who understood what was wrong with me. She took me seriously and treated me inside-out. I put my trust in her process and as a result she has given me my life back. Her methodology […]

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United Arab Emirates

It has been 2 years since I visited the clinic for the first time. After being a laboratory rat (at least they made me feel this way) for Dubai hospitals and GE specialists since March, I have given up on getting better at any time. Towards the end of summer, I started searching on the […]

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United Arab Emirates

Balance is restored, in every sense of the word. I could write pages to explain why it is important to start the process. All I will say is that I should have done this sooner. But I am glad Doctor Ludmilla has shone the light over my life. It has literally become a journey and […]

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