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"Why this clinic, but not other" is a difficult question to answer. Peter O'Connor's opinion discards doubts

Peter O'Connor:

when I walked in, I felt,
I am in the right place!"



"Dr. Ludmila and her team are electric.
She has simply changed my life and the way I think."

– Charlotte Martin

"The difference in me is obvious to all my friends.
They think I look 20 years younger. Thank you
Holistic Healing Medical Centre"

– Aileen

"Dr. Ludmila is a magician. She has taken away all my pain and I look so young and happy."

– Khaled Rashid

"Dear Dr. Ludmila, you and all the other doctors are amazing. My husband and I are so grateful and blessed to announce that we are pregnant and in good health after being in your care."

– Maria & Marcelo

"Dr. Ludmila is an angel in my life and my family's.
She has looked after me for years and now my daughter. We wish her a long healthy life."

– Amena

"A Life changing experience! 'Worth every penny you pay. You see results in a very short period of time.
Thank you."

– Diana

"Dr. Ludmila, you and your team should feel very proud of what you are doing to improve the lives of people who had given up hope and thought they would never get better. God bless you all."

– Sergey

"From anaphylactic shock five months ago, a total turnaround has taken place. I still have a way to go but at least I have everything positive to look forward to.
Thank you."

– Slades

"Holistic Healing Medical Centre makes you
Healthy, Happy & Sexy!"

– Yuri

"After just one week of Homeopathic medicine I sleep like a baby and my hot flushes are nearly gone!"

– Eva

"The huge list of disorders in my body and illnesses over the years – everything is reverted in just 1-5 months!""

– Elena

"You gave my daughter another life, better health. She was really in a bad situation and we went to many doctors but nothing changed. God bless you and thank you for all your support. I love you.""

– Mother of Mahra Hassan

"After 10 days of treatment, Dr. Ludmila asked me,
'is your dress size different?' I said to her, 'who cares about dress size. My whole life is different.' Thank you to HHMC. Words are not enough. Xoxo."

– Lama

"I came a month ago with a very bad skin problem, now I feel so good, almost completely cured, such a difference! Thanks again, I do really believe in the power of these treatments. 'Will tell all my friends."

– Lucia

"After having a screening last week, I found out many things in questions about my previous brain condition that no other doctor was able to answer. I see everything much clearer now and I feel much better.
Thank you very much!"

– Martina

"Before coming to the clinic seven years ago, I visited several doctors and hospitals in the UAE and other countries who never understood or cared about my problems. For the first time you listened and treated me like a whole person. Thank you for my active life and for restoring my functionality."

– Joyce Ghorayeb

"Conventional medicine had not worked
and I was looking for a more holistic form of treatment.
The special diet and lifestyle advice that I followed over a very short period of time had changed my life. My skin condition
was under control, I lost 7kgs and felt far healthier!"

– Emma

"A thousand thanks to Dr. Ludmila and the other doctors. Thanks to everyone in the clinic. The excellent treatment has taken away my 10-year headache in a short period of time. Now I am healthier, happier and alive again."

– Marilyn

Doctor Ludmila Vassilieva:

"Nature created us with the possibility
of constant regeneration"

Doctor Ludmila Vassilieva:

"At Holistic Healing Medical Centre we harmonise
the Three Treasures Of Life: Essence, Energy, Spirit"

Doctor Ludmila Vassilieva:

"Holistic Healing Medical Centre will take you from 'Medication to Meditation!'"

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