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90% of serotonin, our happy hormone is found in our colon. Hydro-colon therapy is highly effective in cleansing your system from toxins and stagnation. Holistic is now introducing a way to take your colon cleanse to the next level. This program is designed to restore your Core Energy, giving you results that are even more effective and last longer.

Your body is like an aquarium in which your cells live. Therefore you must keep it clean to keep it healthy and alive. Ionized alkaline water will help release old toxins in the intestines, while hydrating the cells on a deep level. This can significantly enhance the benefits of Hydro-colon therapy.

A choice between HeartMath or Muse will allow you to develop easy and regular meditation practice, supporting your entire system.

Our Bio-Well screening will then measure your status before and after 1 month so you can see the shift in energy from the inside-out.

Book a one-month plan and experience a truly holistic view of your well-being.

This program includes a combination of:

Colon Hydro Therapy

Choosing to clean your colon is highly effective in detoxing the body and to help maintain your health. Optimum results are achieved only when weekly sessions are completed with one month.

Holistic Water device

A Natural stimulator and antioxidant, provides alkaline to the body and more oxygen. Protects healthy cells and strengthens immune system of the body.

This water stimulates vital energy and recovery of the body, reduces its acidity and improves health if used daily.

Muse or HeartMath technology

Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety as well as improve focus, performance and quality of life.

You can now choose any of these 2 tools to start your meditation with few minutes of daily exercise and you will experience relaxation, improved mood and reduced stress.

Bio-Well Energy screening (before & after)

Start the program with screening of your Aura and get an indication of the energy field in your body, with the daily intake of Alkaline water and daily meditation, compare the results after one month and see how well this simple lifestyle affects your body!

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